The Bounty

I stop, momentarily, in front of the house called ‘The Bounty,’
its sign now haphazardly leaning against a tree in the yard.
And I wait.
Waiting for the feelings I know must be here someplace.
I am revisiting this place that we bought many years ago.
A place that was going to be our home, our future – until it wasn’t.
Surely I must feel something. Sadness? Grief? Relief? Anger?


I just feel awkward.

The current owner is leaning on the deck rail, looking at me, looking at him.
Do I need something? Am I lost?

No sir, actually I am just fine.

This ship has sailed.

In 2007 Roak and I bought this house in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica from a chiropractor who lived in Atlanta. We had a signed and accepted offer on the house. We hired Costa Rican attorneys to create and file all the necessary paperwork. We transferred the agreed-upon amount of money to a Costa Rican bank, and then we waited. And waited. The seller stopped responding to us and our attorneys, and eventually, we were forced to abandon our claim to the property when he accepted another offer. We got our money back (minus attorney fees), and moved along with life.

2 thoughts on “The Bounty

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  1. I remember going to look for the house while we were in Costa Rica at that time, while you were still hopeful. It was lovely and would have made me feel you were so far away. There is something else wonderful coming your way soon.


  2. Gah! I remember this!! It had slipped from my memory until now – reading your blog I feel a sadness in my heart because I don’t think I ever told you how sorry I felt for the feelings of frustration and eventual lose of this hope and dream. While this is a much delayed response – I am sorry for the lose you must’ve felt at the time. Like all things, you moved on to other adventures and brought your light to Colorado instead.


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